How Reliable Is 2021 Ford Edge ?

2021 Ford Edge – So since ford has moved to a lineup of only trucks and suvs, it’s, not surprising that they’re spending, a lot of effort, keeping said suvs up to date. Now the edge just underwent an extensive refresh in 2019.  However, for 2021 ford is turning its attention to the interior and the technology, so does a 12-inch display and other enhancements help the edge fight off all the new competition. Let’s, go ahead and find out.

2021 Ford Edge Release Date

2021 Ford Edge Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Ford Edge

So, as far as the exterior is concerned, you’re, not really going to see any meaningful differences for 2021. So starting up here in the front, this is the latest edge grill that was updated in 2019 kind of has a softer overall shape, and then you have two different finishes.


You have this silver finish on the luxurious trim levels like this titanium and then you also have the sport mesh finish on the st line and sp trim levels now coming over here to your headlights. Next, we have led headlights standard on every single version of the 2021 Ford Edge, both the low and high beams, as well as the daytime running light.

However, the turn signal is incandescent and then down here at the bottom. Ford does also throw in led fog lights on all, but the base model now next up, we have our wheel options. Of course you do have plenty of different choices, depending on your trim level with the titanium.

This is the standard 19-inch nickel finished alloy wheel. It’s, a little bit plain, not a lot of pizazz going on here, but if you choose the titanium elite package that will give you a 20 inch alloy that’s significantly flashier.

In addition, that same package will also throw in body colored lower moldings. To give that more premium look now checking out the mirrors. Of course they are body colored. Here we have the led turn signal, standard, blind, spot monitoring and standard heating all right.

So let’s, go ahead and talk about the 2021 Ford Edge, rear design. So for 2021 there’s, not going to really be any changes or anything like that for this model, although i do think this is still a very stylish vehicle, despite its age now breaking down the individual design elements that you’re, Going to get in the rear, as you can tell right here, you do have this piece right here which is blacked out.

2021 Ford Edge Configurations

2021 Ford Edge Configurations

That gives it a more aggressive look than what you would expect and you do have 2021 Ford Edge branding in the middle then off to the side. You’re, going to have these full led tail lights very happy. Every individual element in here is led, including the reverse light, and if we drop down to the bottom, we do have a nice chrome trim as well as our dual exhaust outlets.

All right, so let’s, go ahead and talk at the safety systems. Now, of course, that’s, a really important part of any family suv like this and ford’s, going to give you most of them standard. So their co-pilot 360 package is going to include ford emergency, braking and pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist and auto high beams.

And additionally, you do have the option of getting the copilot 360 plus package that will also throw in adaptive cruise control. Well, anyway, guys that’s, going to sum up the exterior design for this ford edge.


Now, of course, like every four to get inside just grab behind the handle, since there is a sensor all right and taking a look inside of the cabin uh, you will pretty immediately notice that there are definitely some changes for this 2021 model, namely that gigantic display Right there in the middle that we will talk about in a little bit, but let’s first, get into your different interior, color and material options.

So, for pretty much all of your trim levels, you have cloth seats or cloth and leather trim seats on the st and st line models. However, when you get to the titanium trim level, that’s, where you’ll, get these full leather seats and they come in your choice of ebony, ceramic or cognac color options.

Now, turning over here to your door trim, it is nicely appointed, as you’d, expect for the top and titanium. So we do have a leather that covers the armrest as well as above it. Both of them do have a stitching detail and the top part of the door trim is nicely padded.

Of course, you have standard three person, memory, seating and your windows are one touch auto up and down for the driver and passenger and taking a look at the seats. Pretty much. Every version of the 2021 Ford Edge does come with a 10-way power adjusting seat with two-way lumbar support and, like i was already mentioning, we do have genuine leather seats on board.

It has a pretty nice looking design, some color contrast stitching and you can get perforated leather seats. If you choose the higher end model now beyond that display, we do have some material differences for 2021, so across our upper dash.

This is all going to be finished in a textured soft touch plastic, as we move down below that we have a textured silver trim. Dropping down lower this is going to be padded. However, the side part here this is hard touch.

2021 Ford Edge Interior

2021 Ford Edge Interior

Now the center portion of the last one we were in was piano black. As you can see with this one here we have a more aesthetically appealing silver textured trim. As well and the build quality in here feels a lot more solid than the last one we tested now start up the 2021 Ford Edge put your foot on the brake and press the button, and once the vehicle starts up.

You will be greeted with the same gauge cluster as you had last year on your upper end models. So what you basically have is a analog speedometer and then two 4.2 inch multi-function displays that flank both sides of it, each one has its own set of functions.

You can scroll between, including this one here can actually operate as a digital tachometer. Now coming back to the 2021 Ford Edge steering wheel, this is also pretty much the same as last year. Of course, it is nicely leather, wrapped and heated here on the titanium model and then, as far as your adjustment, that is going to be manual okay, so now let’s, go ahead and turn to our interior storage, where we have some modifications for 2021, so i’ll, start out underneath of our center console here.

When you first open that up, you do have a small little bin with a felt lining. This does pull out. You can throw that off to the side and then you can see inside of this main storage area. This is very deep.

It goes all the way down here to the floor. There’s, a small felt lining at the bottom as well, and we do have a 12 volt outlet inside. So i can definitely tell that when we put this thick stack of coupons in here, look at that fit no problem whatsoever.

Actually, i could put a double stack if i wanted to up in front of that, we have got a little slit here. We have two cup holders. We have another little slit right there. We have some more storage in this area for 2021 Ford Edge, though um you’ll notice that we have this large area here, which is a wireless phone charging pad.

2021 Ford Edge Specification

2021 Ford Edge Specification

You also have your regular connections. There’s, no longer a cover, however. Over here we now have a center pass-through. So this is new for 2021 and, as you can see, you could stick. You know a reasonably sized object back there and no one would really notice it and it would hold itself in place now coming back to the shifter.

This is for its typical electronic shifter, so you’re just going to twist over to d4 drive. You can press the s if you want to activate your sport mode and you can shift manually with the standard paddle shifters heading into reverse.

You’ll, be greeted with the standard backup camera. As you can see, it does take up the top part of this new display. The lower part is going to be for your parking sensor, visualization, and if you choose to have the optional package on this titanium or the st model, that would also throw in a front 180 degree camera.

So you would have a front and rear camera, though not a full 360 camera and for part twist over to the p, of course, and you have your electronic parking brake located right behind that there’s. One more thing to check out before we get up to the display, and that is our audio, so standard on the titanium as well as the st is the premium 12 speaker, bang olufsen sound system.

This is a really loud and very full sounding sound system. Okay, so now let’s, get to the elephant in the cabin, and that is our brand new 12 inch display. Obviously this dominates the interior now in terms of design and it’s.

The largest screen in the class ford says so with this, you basically have the updated ford sync 4a system, just like what we showed you guys in the mustang machi just a couple weeks ago now, before i really get into the infotainment features, i want to take a look at this lower part of the display, because this is our climate controls this year.

2021 Ford Edge Interior

2021 Ford Edge Safety Feature

So what we now have is a standard dual zone, automatic climate control system across every single trim level that is new for 2021 Ford Edge, and to make your adjustments you’re just going to tap right there. You can use these little arrows or you can also take this slider up and down to adjust your temperature.

That, of course, is for your fan, speeds and operates the same way. Then you got your zones and you also have your button here to turn on and off your heated steering wheel and the three stages of your standard heated seats here with the titanium trim level, you can also get optional seat ventilation.

Now, like i was saying this is ford sync 4a, so there’s, a lot of new features on board. I’m, not going to talk about everything in detail here, because this is a very complicated new system. However, you do have some interesting tricks.

You’ll notice. I have written subscribe onto the screen here uh, so you do have like note taking ability. It runs in a tabbed interface, just like that mock e that we looked at a couple weeks ago. So you can just tap on these little tabs here and it will pop up and you have basically multitasking ability now inside of this, i just opened up android auto.

This is running wirelessly, so you have wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay. Now up above that, we have a auto dimming mirror and your homelink remotes are located here in the visor and then up at the very top we’ve got the optional panoramic sunroof.

This is available on most of the trim levels of the 2021 Ford Edge for 15 hundred dollars alrighty. So i’m in the edges, rear seat and the first thing that i notice is just there’s, a lot of space back here. That’s, probably one of the best things about this edge is that it is larger than the competition.

So you’re, going to have 40 inches of both leg and headroom, which, like i just mentioned, is above that of like a hyundai santa fe, as well as a nissan murano and behind your seating position. I have, i would say, six six and a half inches of rear legroom and my feet can definitely slide up underneath of the seat.

Now, as far as our features are concerned here in the center, we do have vents. If we drop down, we have a little storage cubby. We also have a usb type-c, a smart charging, usb port and a household style outlet.

I do want to point out that you can get heated rear seats, optionally on the titanium and st model. Although this one does not have it, and if we fold down the center armrest, there are cup holders inside now walking up to the tailgate.

2021 Ford Edge Cargo Space

2021 Ford Edge Cargo Space

2021 Ford Edge is going to be power hands-free here on this titanium model. So in order to open just wave your foot under the bumper and it does open right up now as far as the space is concerned in the cargo area, this is also going to be larger than a lot of the main rivals like the santa fe and Murano, since you’re going to have 39 cubic feet behind the second row seats that expands all the way up to 73 cubic feet.

If you fold them that’s, a lot of space, and certainly you can feel it back here – it completely swallows up our camera equipment and, as far as how they finished it, we do have a really nice carpeting along the floor.

If we lift it up, there is a spare tire up underneath of the floor and then off to the left side. We do have buttons to fold the seats, so i think that’s. Actually a pretty nice touch to have like a power button. Here to fold the seats – and we also have a 12 volt outlet and they do fold 60 40 split now here at your passenger seat. It is going to be power adjusting on this fully loaded model. Then, if we look at the glove box here, this is a pretty decent sized glove box.

2021 Ford Edge Specification

So you don’t really have to worry about that, although it’s not as big as maybe some of the rivals, and we can look up top, you’ll find a sun visor with lighting as well as a mirror, and you can also detach And extend all right, and now we’re up to 60 miles per hour with this 2021 Ford Edge.

So as far as the updates, like i said, really focused on the interior um, there’s. Gon na be no changes to the powertrain situation. So we still have the two liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine 250 horsepower 275 pound-feet of torque.

2021 Ford Edge Specification

2021 Ford Edge Specification

As you may know, a couple years ago, ford got rid of the naturally aspirated v6 engine, so this is your main line choice besides, for the of course, upgraded ecoboost engine you get with the st yeah, and if you are considering that st it’S gonna be quite a bit of a power boost at 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque.

Now, as far as your transmission, you’ve got an eight-speed automatic on board. This is a pretty nice and smooth transmission. You don’t, really notice it most of the time. However, under heavy acceleration, there is sometimes a little bit of a rough shift.

That’s. Just some little thing. I noticed most of the time you’re just going to be cruising around and when you’re doing that it really just blends into the background yeah all right, but we ‘ Ve been talking a lot about the power trains and all that, and that really is not the 2021 Ford Edge.

Focus by any means. This vehicle is really just made to cruise down the highway, going around 60 miles an hour like this, and do so in really really a lot of comfort. So i do want to mention the ride.

Quality is excellent. We’ve hit a few bumps. It really soaks it up. This is very comfort focused as opposed to any type of sport, or anything like that, and i am also just very pleased. These seats are really really comfortable very comfortable.

Now i will also get a sound level reading going 55 miles per hour, so we can compare to some of its rivals and we’re. Looking at 54.2 decibels that’s, a really really good reading that is actually on par with a lot of the luxury vehicles that we test, um going 55 all right and as far as the fuel economy is concerned, for the 2021 Ford Edgeum this one.

As equipped is going to come in at 23 combined if you go for front drive, that’s going to be 24 combined, and that is with the standard 2-liter engine. So let’s get into today’s. Slam dunk and air ball so um for the slam dunk today.

What we thought was the interior storage up front very impressed by this. As you know, with the coupons, this center console is extremely deep, but there’s, also a ton of different places. You can stick your odd and in objects like your cell phone.

There’s like several cubbies right here in the front, a big one here pass through this little spot on the top um just tons of storage, and i really appreciate when a brand puts a good. You know thought into making it as practical as possible.

2021 Ford Edge Price

2021 Ford Edge Price

Yeah. Now, as far as our air ball is concerned, we’re, going to say that some of the fit and finish in here this interior could probably be a little bit more updated, although they did change quite a bit of the technology, it’s a little bit of an older design and to go along with that.

How much the 2021 Ford Edge Price?

So, as far as how 2021 Ford Edge is equipped, our base price for the titanium with all-wheel drive is going to be $40.435 bucks. Then, when you add in the destination of 12.95, plus our options and minus a few discounts, this one’s going to be $44.150 bucks, as equipped so to conclude here, the 2021 updates that ford has made particularly this new infotainment system. I think really go a long way into making the edge um you know even more competitive.